University of California, San Francisco



Department of Laboratory Medicine
San Francisco General Hospital
1001 Potrero Ave., Room 2M27
San Francisco, CA 94110


Alan H.B. Wu, PhD, DABCC
Telephone: (415) 206-3540
Fax: (415) 206-3045

Kara Lynch, PhD, DABCC
Telephone: (415)206-5477
Fax: (415)206-3045

Faculty and Research Interests

Alan H. Wu, PhD, DABCC, FACB Cardiac Markers, pharmacogenomics, analytical toxicology
Kara Lynch, PhD Toxicology, Pharmocogenomics
Ted Kurtz, MD, ABP Hypertension
Chuanyi M. Lu, MD, ABP Flow cytometry
Farid Chehab PhD, ABP Molecular diagnostics
Jean Branch Laboratory management, quality assurance/control
Barbara Haller, MD, PhD, ABP Infectious disease, microbiology

Program Listing

Level(s) of training: Postdoctoral
Number of positions available every other year: 2
Duration of program: 2 years
Approximate annual salary or stipend: Commensurate with experience
Source of funding: University
Current number of trainees: 2

Application Procedures


Applicants must have an earned Doctor of Medicine degree or Doctor of Philosophy (or an equivalent doctoral degree) in the basic sciences; chemistry, biology, pharmacology, toxicology, or physics from an accredited university or college. Applicants should have successfully completed enough chemistry courses to apply to the American Board of Clinical Chemistry, i.e., 24 semester-hours (or equivalent) in undergraduate and/or graduate level chemistry courses plus a minimum of 4 semester-hours (or equivalent) in biochemistry courses at the graduate level.


Submit a letter of intent and curriculum vitae for initial consideration. Selected applicants will be required to complete a formal application and three letters of recommendation.



Program Description

The Department of Laboratory Medicine at the University of California (UCSF) offers a two-year fellowship to provide PhD scientists with the analytical, clinical, research, and management experience towards specialization and board certification in clinical chemistry. The training is conducted at the San Francisco General Hospital. The program is designed to provide training in the operation of a clinical laboratory, quality control and assurance, laboratory management, analytical methodologies and test interferences. The clinical interpretation and diagnostic relevance of tests are emphasized through clinical consults. Research projects could involve method development, test validation, and clinical and scientific investigation in any of the areas within clinical chemistry. The structure of the program is flexible to afford individualized training based on previous experience. This program currently has an emphasis on clinical toxicology and pharmacogenomics.