Proposed Requirements for Currently Accredited Programs

Currently accredited programs have 3 years following notification of ComACC fellowship directors to comply with aforementioned requirements for faculty, director, and salary requirements. The requirements for needs assessment will be waived.

I. Participation in Annual ComACC Surveys

All ComACC accredited programs are now required to complete the annual ComACC survey. The survey shall include the following key questions:

  • Detail the current number of trainees in the program and their status.
  • Information on training interruptions or lack of progression in fellow training.
  • Funding changes.
  • Faculty changes (Program Director/Co-Director, or other faculty that provide fellow training).

If Clinical Chemistry Fellowship Programs do not provide survey feedback, or complaints are communicated to ComACC commissioners, ComACC leadership may elect to:

  • Provide a program with an official letter of warning with a set deadline for compliance.
  • Continued noncompliance will trigger an off cycle visit at institution’s expense (Fee to be set for 2020 at 6000 USD) prior to evaluation.
  • Deaccreditation.

Reinstatement following deaccreditation requires submission of a new application.  In addition, programs seeking reinstatement will be subject to all the requirements established for accreditation of new programs. 

II. Inactive Programs

  • If a fellowship program has not trained a fellow in the last three years, the program will be required to provide justification and documentation for continuation, as well as a recruitment strategy to solicit fellows.
  • If a fellowship program has not trained a fellow in the last five years, the program will be converted to inactive.
  • The inactive status will be placed on the ComACC website, until a strategy to re-activate the program is put in place by the program and approved by ComACC.